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Can I still control the 3 blood vessels in the umbilical cord? 

Yes, even when the clamp is applied, it is easy to count the blood vessels in the umbilical cord.  


Can I still take blood samples from the placenta?

Yes, in ClampCut® All-In-One the clamp on the placenta side re-opens when the handle is pulled back.


Can I use ClampCut® All-In-One if I am lefthanded?

Yes, ClampCut® All-In-One is both left and right hand operable.


When can the clamp be removed?

This varies from infant to infant. Depending on the preferences of your midwife, the clamp can stay on the umbilical cord or easily be removed with ClampOff®.  


Can ClampCut® All-In-One be used more than once?

No, ClampCut® All-In-One is a single use recyclable product.


Which way should I turn ClampCut® All-In-One?

The white clamp must always face the infant’s stomach. This side of ClampCut® is marked with a baby icon.


Can the partner still cut the umbilical cord?

Yes, the midwife will apply and prepare ClampCut® and then the actual cut can be performed by the partner.


Can the umbilical cord be too big?

No, ClampCut® All-In-One is designed to fit all sizes and types if normal umbilical cords.


How close to the infant’s stomach should I apply ClampCut® All-In-One?

The recommended distance from the infant’s stomach is 3-5 cm.


What if the umbilical cord is covered with gel? 

ClampCut® All-In-One should not be placed over the gel. Instead place ClampCut® All-In-One further away from the infant’s stomach.


How far away from the infant’s stomach can I apply ClampCut® All-In-One?

The recommended distance is 3-5 cm, but it can also be applied 5-10 cm (or more) from the infant’s stomach.


How can I remove the clamp?

The ClamCord® clamp can easily be removed using ClampOff®.


Is ClampCut® All-In-One packed in a sterile packaging? 

Yes, ClampCut® All-In-One is packed in a peel-pack and sterilised using ethylene-oxide.


Does ClampCut® All-In-One contain latex or PVC? 

No, all Price Invena products only consists of environmentally friendly materials such as nylon compounds and stainless steel. When nylon is incinerated the material will turn into water vapour.


How does ClampCut® differ from what I use now?

ClampCut® is an All-In-One product, so you do not have to use and account for 5+ instruments for the procedure.  


Can I still use ClampCut® All-In-One and ClamCord® during a C-section?

Yes, ClampCut® All-In-One and ClamCord® is particularly advantageous during a C-section, because they can be applied very fast. 


Can I use ClampCut® All-In-One and ClamCord® if the child is born with the umbilical cord around its neck? 

Yes, use your normal procedure for removing the umbilical cord from the infant's neck before using ClampCut® All-In-One or ClamCord®.


There is already a lot of blood when an infant is born. What difference will more blood from the umbilical cord do?

The blood present during a delivery, is flowing controlled and vertically from the vagina. Cutting the umbilical cord can be compared to cutting a pressurised garden tube – if uncontrolled the blood can spray in all directions, exposing midwives to bloodborne infections. ClampCut® All-In-One minimises blood spatter, and thereby reduces the risk of infections.


What if the packaging is broken?

ClampCut® All-In-One or ClamCord® will not be sterile is the packaging is broken, and shall NOT be used.


How do I control a proper closure of the clamps?

Incorrect position of the clamp can lead to inadequate blockage of the blood flow in the cord. You shall always control the position of the clamp before is it applied. After the clamp has been applied, you have to regulary control that the end of the umbilical cord does not bleed.

Can ClampOff® be used to remove ClampCut® from the placenta?  

No, ClampOff® can only be used to remove the cord clamp from the ubilical cord. ClampCut® is removed by pulling the green clamp backwards to seperate it from the umbilical cord.

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